We are a group of business professionals with diverse backgrounds, offering a wide range of services.


Our group is based in the beautiful northwest. We meet at the Salmon Creek Medical Center in Vancouver, WA.


We are focused on growing businesses in the Clark County area in our group. We refer to who we know and trust.


What is Pronet?

Pronet of Vancouver, WA is an exclusive leads and referral networking group. We are professionals (pro) who are networking (net) to expand our businesses.

What Type of Businesses are in the Group?

We have a diverse group of local business owners from the Vancouver area. If you’d like to know more, visit our members page or click here.

Is there a Membership Fee?

Yes, there is a small membership fee. Many of our members say that it is well worth the investment. Contact us to learn more.

Where Does Pronet Meet?

Pronet meets at the Salmon Creek Medical Center located at
2211 NE 139th St. Vancouver, WA USA.

Why Should I Join?

You should join our group if you’re interested in expanding your business, and partnering with like minded business professionals. We believe that good deeds speak louder than words.

How do I Join Pronet?

If you’re ready to join our group, please contact us by clicking here.